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Dame Carcas

The legend of Dame Carcas

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A medieval legend.

The legend tells that the Emperor Charlemagne sieged the city in the hands of the Saracens.

The Saracen King Ballak is killed. His wife Dame Carcas then led the knights.

The siege lasted 5 years. Food was scarce and there remained only a pork and a sack of wheat.

Dame Carcas had the idea of ​​stuffing the pork with wheat and throwing it out of the city.
Charlemagne believed that the city still had provisions because they could sacrifice a pork fed with wheat. So he raised the siege.

Dame Carcas victorious rang all the bells of the city. One of Charlemagne's soldiers then told him 'Carcas sonne' ('Carcas rings').

That's how Carcassonne was baptized according to the legend.

You can admire the bust of Dame Carcas in front of the Narbonne gate of the city.

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