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Domaine de Vezian MJG Briu

On the wine road, Domaine de Vezian MJG Briu

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An environmentally friendly domain.

An essential wine domain in the Pyrénées-Orientales.
A family history since 1972. MJG Briu means Marie, Julie and Guy Briu.

With passion and conviction, the Briu family produces wines from a reasoned and sustainable agriculture.
In 2016, it was the first winery to obtain the 'Origine France Garantie' label. This means that they are committed to purchasing all its raw materials in France which are also guarantees it is manufactured in French.

Price range varies between 4,40 Euros and 16,00 Euros per bottle.

We love: Pudique (red) and Cuvée Emma (rosé).

And you? Let's taste it!

Domaine de Vezian MJG Briu

Domaine de Vezian MJG Briu

MJG Briu

MJG Briu

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On the wine road, Domaine de Vezian MJG Briu - Finest France

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