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Payote sandals

The sandal made in France

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A must-have.

'Mettez la France à vos pieds!' is the moto of Payote, a French company which produces its sandals in France.

Southern and summer emblem, Payote sandals are fresh air for our feet and mind!
The new sandals, plain, striped, patterned, sequined has quickly become the essential accessory.

Why buy Payote?
If you are like us committed buyers, it is a French company that manufactures in France.

It is also a social responsible company that works with the non-profit association Rêves (which helps to realise the dreams of seriously ill children)

It's from the South of France and we're proud of it! The founder Olivier Gelly is from Perpignan.

After spending all my last summer with Auguste (Yes each pair has his little name), I already have in mind my next pair.
When we take a look at all the models they offer, we want to buy everything!
At the office we love Martine and Yohan.

And you, what will your next Payotes be?

More info:

Payote - The sandal made in France

Payote - The sandal made in France

Payote made in France

Payote made in France

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