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Gérard Grihault

Gérard Grihault joins the Finest France team

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We are delighted to welcome Gérard Grihault to the Finest France team.

Gérard will be our agent in the East of France, encompassing the large area from Alsace to the Alps, through the Champagne, the Bourgogne and Franche-Comté.

Gérard has great experience and knowledge not only in the public and private sector, but also in law and the detailed and complex administration related to our business.

Complementary skills include photography and precision market evaluations. This latter qualification helps position a property correctly in the ever-fluctuating market to ensure that a purchaser is found at the earliest time in the interests of both parties.

Gerard has outside interests in sport and culture, together with a deep-founded knowledge of the area in which he works. He will be prove to be a valuable asset to our company and to all those who choose to work with him.

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Gérard Grihault joins the Finest France team - Finest France

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